December 26

Read Psalm 148

Praise the Lord! Yesterday was Christmas! Hallmark’s countdown is over, the music is no longer playing, and life moves toward a new year. Yet, praise the Lord! The story of Jesus is just beginning. The one who is to change the world has been born, and this is a call to celebrate. Praise the Lord! All the universe and creation are charged to shout out praises to God. Praise the Lord! We are part of creation. We can join the angels and sea monsters. We can stand with the mountains and trees. We can sing with the cattle and the creeping things. We are a part of the young and old. We can praise the Lord! I invite you to praise with all of creation. All things big, small, young and old can praise God, and so can you. Christmas has come, praise the Lord. The new year is approaching, praise the Lord. Each morning that we wake, with all of creation, praise the Lord! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Take the joy of the season into each day and Praise the Lord!


“To you, God of creation, we sing a new song of praise.

A song of trees planted by streams of living water,

a song of mountains clapping their hands for joy,

a song of cities delighting in heavenly harmony,

a song of people that were lost and have been found.

for the earth is the Lord’s and we shall be glad in it.



Patrick “Fish” Lane

Seminary Student

Columbia Theological Seminary


* Prayer written by the people of Pitt Street Uniting Church in Sydney, Australia. Prayers Encircling the World: An International Anthology (Westminster John Knox Press, 1999), 6.


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