December 16

Read Isaiah 29:17-24

Finding Hope in God’s Promises

If we take a moment to contemplate the world around us these days, we might wonder where God is. All around us we see injustice, hunger, war, hate, violence, etc. It seems like evil has taken over this world. I myself have thought about what world my future children will grow up in; it’s scary enough already for me. And yet, some people say we are living in the safest time in history. This year is coming to an end, and as I reflect on it, our country has many things to mourn. I think about all those families that were broken by the mass shootings that took place, the natural disasters that have taken the homes of many, all the refugees seeking asylum, and those who have been separated from their families. I wish I could do something to help heal the wounds of their hurt. Isaiah 29:17-24 reminds us that, despite the brokenness of our world, we must remember to find refuge and hope in God’s promises for us. A world where darkness will fade, the blind will see, corruption will disappear, those who had been deprived unjustly of their freedom will be liberated and everyone will rejoice in the Lord.


Dear God, help us to see your work amid a troubled world. Allow us to find peace in your world. Heal the hearts of those who have experienced loss this year. May we share your love with everyone around us, and share your promises to bring light with those who have been consumed by the darkness of this world. Amen. 


Monika Ruiz


UKirk at Schreiner University


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