December 7

Read John 1:19-28

In the reading for today, we see an exchange between John the Baptist and the Jewish authorities, the priests and Levites. These Jewish authorities don’t know how to label John, so they keep asking him questions about who he is.

The Jewish authorities don’t know how to feel about John because they don’t know what category to put him in. They don’t know if they should embrace him or feel threatened by him.

Sharing testimony, like John does, is a way to tell your own story. It is an opportunity to define yourself on your own terms and not let others do it for you. Every day we encounter classmates, friends, and neighbors, each with a unique story. We also learn new things about ourselves. Sharing those pieces of ourselves isn’t easy.

During this season of Advent, we’re in a time of anticipation and waiting. Waiting for the Christ child and preparing ourselves for the celebration of his arrival. As part of that preparation, how can you better understand your relationship with those around you? What are ways you can reflect and tell your own story – on your own terms? Take one step today to tell your community who it is that God created you to be.


Creator God,

During this Advent season,

Help us to see those around us as you made them, 

not as we define them.

Help us to love ourselves and one another,

And give us the strength to share our own stories.



Rev. Max Hill

Campus Minister

UKirk St. Louis


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