December 2

Read Genesis 8:1-19

God remembered.

God remembered Noah.

God remembered all those alive.

God remembered all the animals.

God remembered.


God sent rest.


Noah waited.

(Patience is a fruit of the Spirit, you know.)

Noah waited.

Noah waited for the waters to recede.

Noah waited for the raven to return.

Noah waited for the dove to return.

Noah waited.


God spoke,

inspiring a new creation.


God remembers.

God remembers you.

God remembers me.

God remembers all of creation.

God remembers.


God sends rest.


We wait.

(Patience is a fruit of the Spirit, you know.)

We wait.

We wait for God’s breath to blow over all of creation.

We wait for God to arrive.

We wait.


God speaks,

joining creation and creates anew.


Creating God, remember us and remind us to rest. Guide us in ways of patience as we join all of creation in eager anticipation of the coming of Christ. Amen.


Rev. Jenny Hardin

Associate Pastor/Campus Minister

First Presbyterian Church/UKirk Stillwater (Stillwater, OK)

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