January 1

Read Psalm 8.

It feels appropriate to conclude a season of Advent reflections with Psalm 8. It’s a passage that flows like a song of praise, giving reverence and gratitude to God for making the world, and for creating us to be agents of its care. Psalm 8 is doxological in nature – meaning there’s a structure and rhythm that guides our reading and our actions in response to it. The psalmist describes the work of God’s hands, intentionally crafting everything in the universe, like an artist creating a grand masterpiece. A masterpiece that includes every one of us. And as we are filled with awe at the beauty of life on this floating rock, we also have the responsibility to love and protect it. If we are made in God’s image, then the whole world also reflects God’s divine goodness. So as we rejoice in the coming of God through the person of Jesus, may we also rejoice in our ability to be stewards of this planet – celebrating, as the psalmist does, the biggest wonders down to the smallest details.


Holy God, how majestic is your name and the work of your hands! Who are we that you would be so mindful of us and care so deeply? May we never stop being in awe of what you’ve done. Give us guidance, patience, and peace as we do all we can to care for this Earth and for each other. Amen.


Erin Guzmán

Campus Minister

UKirk Wooster

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