December 26

Read Psalm 148.

In having been created, we were created capable of praising our Creator. Our existence is praise – as even the incorporeal ocean depths can praise the Father. But as sinful humans, we fail, not just again and again, but continually. Our thoughts and actions can fall out of divine expectation and cease to be praise, while the mountains and the stars praise by their very existence. This psalm is a reminder that we must praise, even when we think we can’t – like how we think the inanimate objects and unthinking animals can’t praise, but they do. Our existence should be praise, and so we must make it so. As humans, our work to make it so is our praise.


Heavenly Father, may all of us praise you in all our thoughts and actions, and when we fail, may we learn.

Annie Jo Baker


Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church UKirk

(Lexington, KY)

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