December 19

Read Luke 7:31-35.

we who wish upon a star forget the star we wish upon

and waiting for the star at night forget the sun at day

waiting for the perfect song, we never join the dance

wondering if it’s okay to cry, we never take the chance

to find wisdom in the flow, where serenity speaks yet

we flee from wisdom and fly towards clickbait

dazed like insects toward electric fury

crazed like rabbits in a frantic hurry

the way has shown us to drink with the sinners

when ego and id tells us to keep with our tribe

tear down the walls, build a bridge of hope

climb out of your tower or let down the rope

and open our eyes to the world around us while

the real star shines bright above our heads

free to cry till our bodies shaken

free to dance like kevin bacon


Mother God, reveal yourself to us as you desire to be experienced and help us to recognize your presence both in the light and in the night. Amen.


GJ Frye

Peer Minister

UKirk @ UMich

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