December 14

Read Isaiah 12:2-6.

The world is getting darker by the hour.

My hope for peace is diminished.

I’m at my breaking point . . .

Yet your love enters in,

bringing new joy, new life, new hope.

As I look around at how your light shines,

my soul cries out in great joy.

My song turns into my rallying cry –

to let all creation know of your glory.

No longer do I fear the darkness of this world –

for my trust is affirmed anew in you,

for there is where my hope of peace resides.


God of light, at times our world is dark – when fear takes over, when hope is lost, when peace is just a distant dream – break into our darkness. Open our eyes to see your light shining in the night. Break open our hardened hearts with your love so that we may sing of your mercy and power. Amen.


Rev. Maggie Alsup


Lyon College

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