December 5

Read Psalm 90:13-17.

where are you?

dear mama-god, where can I find your son? 

ar-15s are pointed at your black and brown sons now;

cages are erected on our borders 

to keep your mothers and your daughters 


where is he? 

papa-god, don’t you hear the cries of the

separated mommas for their caged babies? 

I thought you did hear the cries of your unwed momma.

where is he? 


break the cages and demolish the gun industries 

don’t delay. 

your brown and black brothers

gonna be shot dead;

they can’t celebrate your coming.

come now jesus!  


i thought you are coming today (?)

don’t be                     

where are you?


Our Dear God, help us to yearn for your coming into the world by working together to heal the wounds we have caused. With hope and desperation, we look towards your manger that was surrounded by war, genocide and anticipation. 


Trevor JS

Student,  Atlanta Oikos & Columbia Theological Seminary

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