Advent is all about waiting. But that whole patience thing is way easier said than done, right? We hear, “Wait and hope! Jesus is coming!” But the world feels overwhelming sometimes and there is work to do right now. In an often grief-filled world, waiting can feel too passive and hope too naïve. 

If you’re overwhelmed by the things on your plate, this devotional is for you. If you’re feeling great about the way life is shaping up, this devotional is for you. If you can’t wait to spend time with your family this holiday season, this devotional is for you. If you are missing someone this Christmas or if your family dynamics aren’t what you wish they were, this devotional is for you. 

So wherever you’re coming from, spend a few minutes with us each day (starting December 2). For every day you’ll find a Scripture reading, a reflection, and a short prayer. Altogether, this year’s contributors include six groups of college students, three individual students, and 22 campus ministers representing 28 ministries in 17 different states, all associated with Presbyterian faith communities. Our contributors have offered paragraphs, images, and poetry. They use a variety of words to refer to God, and engage the world around us in myriad ways too. May there be reflections here that resonate with you, ones that challenge you, and maybe even some that do both.    

In hope,
Rev. Allison Wehrung



PS – If you’re the type who likes to flip real live pages, download a PDF of the whole thing here. (Pro tip: print with 1/4″ margins and short-edge or horizontal binding.)

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