Why We’re Here

It’s always tempting to jump straight to Christmas — Starbucks cups have been red for a while now and some stores have had winter holiday stuff for sale since before Halloween. But the season of Advent offers us a chance to pause, in the wake of end-of-semester craziness and the middle of Christmas-season-marketing madness.

Of course, patience is usually something way easier said than done. Waiting is hard, and more often than not, uncertainty is intimidating. Our default is often to hurry toward celebration — toward what we know — especially when the in-between times are full overwhelming newsfeeds, never-ending to do lists, and big questions about what comes next.

Still, here we are, inching our way toward Christmas. We hope you’ll carve out a couple of minutes each day to grab your Bible and these words for waiting. In the meantime, read this for a little more about who “we” are.


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